Hyper-Converged or stay as you are? Planning your Datacenter of the Future

Image of data storage, server processing and networking being converged into one box

Posted on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Two years ago, the assumption was that cloud-first datacenters would become the industry norm, with enterprise organizations outsourcing responsibility for operations. But as the cloud industry matured, many businesses discovered that a hybrid approach better suited their needs. 

As a result, the CTO still has to make some serious choices about which technologies they will deploy in-house. And with the announcement of EMC support for a wider range of Open Stack technologies, in addition to an expanded range of hyper-converged systems, that decision just became a little harder.

The hyper-converged option

Hyper-converged units are attractive because the fully-integrated, modular approach to system expansion makes deployment incredibly simple. With every aspect of integration taken care of, hyper-converged systems are a relatively flexible choice.

The trade off is the that every unit requires additional capital spend, in addition to OEM support and maintenance services.

The Open Stack choice

Open Stack technologies offer a completely different approach. Rather than investing in more new hardware, Open Stack allows businesses to push their older storage back into service. Along with EMC support, the software-defined nature of Open Stack means that devices from other vendors can be integrated seamlessly into the infrastructure.

Re-using hardware from any vendor in an Open Stack environment increases ROI on the original hardware investment and reduces the need for additional capital spend.

The Open Stack approach also opens up new cost saving opportunities through the choice of support provider. Typically EMC support will only cover EMC storage equipment – the Open Stack approach allows your business to source unified support from a single vendor-agnostic source, simplifying costs and contract management simultaneously.

Whether your business needs EMC support for existing systems, or would like to investigate the available support options for a multi-vendor Open Stack infrastructure, please get in touch.

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