Dropbox drop Amazon and take Cloud In-House

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Posted on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cloud file storage service provider Dropbox hit the headlines with news that they would no longer be using Amazon AWS to provide backbone storage. Over the course of two-and-a-half years Dropbox has been quietly constructing their own custom cloud infrastructure, and moving customer data into their three new datacenters.

The exact reason for leaving AWS has not been revealed, but clearly moving to their own systems gives Dropbox far greater control of the service they offer their clients. It is also extremely likely that it is cheaper in the long run to manage client file storage in house, than it is to use a third party service. 

What does this mean for other businesses?

Dropbox are not the first AWS customer to leave the service for their own infrastructure, and they are unlikely to be the last. But the reality is that only the largest organisations can justify building all-new datacenters populated with custom-build servers and arrays.

But there is nothing to stop any business creating a private cloud in-house using existing hardware assets. Backed by a vendor neutral third party support service, it is perfectly feasible to create an Open Stack infrastructure that offers the same cloud scalability and availability offered by AWS.

Adopting an in-house cloud service also offers these businesses the opportunity to move away from a vendor-defined environment, affording them even greater control over their systems. By partnering with a vendor agnostic third party support provider, businesses are free to choose the systems and storage that best suit their needs, rather than having to follow the demands made by OEMs.

With greater choice and control, your business is immediately able to offer a better service to stakeholders and customers – just as Dropbox is striving to do. 

To learn more about third party support services and how they can be used to help your business build a custom in-house cloud like Dropbox, please get in touch.

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