Cisco Supports Internet of Things with Purchase of Jasper

Image containing Cisco and Jasper corporate logos

Posted on Thursday, March 10, 2016

Determined to capture their slice of the $19 trillion IoT market, Cisco has recently completed the acquisition of Jasper Technologies Inc. Their $1.4 billion dollar purchase gives Cisco full control of Jasper’s cloud-based IoT platform.

Cisco is no stranger to the IoT marketplace, having created the Industrial Internet Consortium to assist with big data programmes in 2014. But with the acquisition of Jasper, Cisco can now begin building the next generation of IoT platforms that use cellular networks to communicate with big data stores in the cloud.

IoT – a maturing market

The Jasper platform certainly helps simplify the process of collecting IoT data, but the puzzle remains incomplete. Cisco has announced plans to boost the analytics capabilities of Jasper for instance. 

But in the meantime, is there any need to leap on board with Jasper? In reality, probably not. Unless your organization has a mature, advanced mobile IoT program, the smart choice may be to stick with your existing infrastructure – at least until the Jasper takeover is complete.

Obviously Cisco support and maintenance will not cover that IoT infrastructure (beyond the networking components used to link your big data systems), so you will need to source a reputable provider to assist. Whether this becomes a long term relationship is down to the needs of your business and its IoT program. However, the added flexibility of outsourcing Cisco support to a vendor-agnostic provider like CDS could be what your business needs to build a flexible, in-house IoT platform that helps you maximize value from your existing assets. Which then leads to question, Cisco support or not, do you really need Jasper?

For more help and advice about third-party Cisco support, or preparing your storage infrastructure for a vendor agnostic IoT future (or a future migration to Jasper), please get in touch.