Scottish University of Strathclyde uses Hitachi for In-House Consolidation

University of Strathclyde logo with data inflow arrows

Posted on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

In order to better support students’ research projects, the University of Strathclyde, in Scotland, UK, has recently completed a major roll-out of storage hardware from Hitachi Data Systems (HDS). The move was strategic, intended to help the University’s IT department regain control of their data estate.

An audit of how research data was being stored found that there were dozens of unsanctioned storage methods in use by students, researchers and academics, placing valuable information at risk of loss or theft. USB flash drives and local laptop hard drives were found to be particularly popular, as were consumer-grade cloud storage services like Dropbox.

A lack of capacity

Unlike many organisations who choose cloud services because of simplified data sharing and access, Strathclyde’s users were relying on unsanctioned storage because they had exhausted their personal storage allocations on the University servers. They simply did not have enough space to save all the data being created.

To address this issue the University made a major investment in HDS SAN, NAS and backup solutions to increase available capacity and performance. By the end of the deployment, The University of Strathclyde had recovered 266TB of data that was previously stored in unsanctioned locations.

Lessons for business

In this instance, the University in question had access to just 1/19th of their data, severely limiting the conclusions researchers could reach. Businesses who are unable to centralize their data face similar problems – a reduction in their competitiveness, and (potentially) a drop in profits.

The investment in increased storage capacity is undeniably expensive, but for businesses and universities alike, having full access to, and control of all of their data will yield a far greater return on investment in the longer term. They are also less likely to face questions relating to corporate governance and regulatory compliance if they can demonstrate complete control of their data assets.

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