EMC teases a new range of products – here’s what to expect

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Posted on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Despite the imminent completion of their takeover by Dell, EMC are keen to show that it remains “business as usual” for now. Their most recent earnings call revealed that, like most of the storage industry, sales volumes were down again.

But Dave Goulden, CEO of EMC Information Infrastructure took the opportunity to discuss some of their forthcoming product releases. And this is what he told us to expect this year:

Old flash

Not a major surprise, but EMC will be focusing on using flash storage as standard for its future products. “Flash is one of the megatrends that’s changing the infrastructure business forever,” said EMC CEO Joe Tucci announced.

Perhaps slightly less predictable was the announcement that the VMAX and VNX range of arrays will be “re-architected” to support flash drives in future. It is unclear what changes will be required to make these legacy arrays flash compatible, but Goulden claimed they would be “substantial”.

Whether customers will be able to retrofit their existing VMAX and VNX assets remains to be seen, but should this become an option, many more organisations may take the opportunity to extend the operating lifespan of their EMC hardware.

New flash

Sticking with the flash storage theme, Goulden also announced that EMC would be releasing their first DSSD products later this year. Claimed to offer a “quantum leap” in flash, little is known about this range other than the fact they stem from EMC’s acquisition of DSSD in 2014.

Expect to see DSSD offered as an option for high-end arrays, particularly those designed for high-speed applications. 

New appliances

Continuing their commitment to appliance-based storage, Goulden has also promised a “new next-generation hyper-converged appliance family”, with a full product announcement later this month. Given the focus on flash throughout the call, it is highly likely that these new appliances will be built around flash storage.

As with previous appliances from EMC, these units should allow businesses to scale onsite storage quickly and effectively, with enhanced compatibility for maximum performance. There is always the possibility that these appliances may be the first DSSD-equipped units too.

Delaying your upgrade

In light of these ‘teasers’, it may make good business sense for any organisation considering upgrading or replacing a portion of their EMC-based infrastructure to hold off for a few months.

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