How Hitachi Data Services is embracing the Vendor Agnostic Datacenter...

Hitachi Multi Vendor Data Center Analytics

Posted on Monday, December 14, 2015

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has announced a fleet of new enterprise-class storage devices built around flash technologies as part of their push to improve performance for customers. Falling component costs and the need for ever-faster data access means that flash storage is gaining ground in the enterprise space, prompting the latest developments from HDS.

Less well publicized was the accompanying announcement that the Hitachi Data Center Analytics (HDCA) platform has been updated to support multi-vendor environments. The latest version of the HDCA system gives users the tools they need to ‘strategically position their flash investments’, through granular performance monitoring and analysis of their entire flash portfolio.

An important move by HDS

The decision to support multi-vendors environments is an important recognition that customers have very different datacenter needs. So much so that solutions from HDS or other vendors may not offer the correct mix of functionality and features to deliver strategic benefits with IT.

But with the ability to choose storage hardware from HDS and any other vendor, clients can build the platform they actually need.

Melding the future with the past for strategic advantage

The HDS announcement is, as you would expect from a hardware vendor, focused on selling new systems. But the reality is that with multi-vendor support from HDCA, it becomes much easier to repurpose and manage existing post-warranty assets.

This approach provides even greater choice for HDS clients, allowing them to improve their front-end processing and back-end archiving for instance, without any need to outsource of offshore data. Ultimately greater choice also gives HDS users more control over their data, improving compliance and offering unbeatable flexibility within their operating environment.

With HDS providing the necessary storage management tools for a multi-vendor datacenter, your business need only source a reliable vendor-agnostic support and maintenance provider – which is where CDS can help. Get in touch today to discuss the future of your storage environment and what we can do for you.

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