EMC support for Public Cloud

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Posted on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Echoing current trends in IT storage, EMC has announced further support for cloud with the automatic tiering of data from their VMAX and VNX systems using public cloud services. EMC customers will now be able to automatically migrate content to external providers including Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3 and Google Cloud as and when required.

The Fast.x software used to manage VMAX storage allocation has already been upgraded to provide automatic tiering for use with EMC’s Xtremio all-flash arrays. However, the latest version extends this native tiering support to public cloud, allowing enterprise-class organisations to shift less-used data offsite into a low-cost hosted service.

Also in-line with other providers is the ability to scale out to use arrays from other hardware vendors, including Hewlett Packard Enterprise, NetApp and Hitachi. Under this new program of openness, multi-vendor environments are officially supported by EMC, although users may need to arrange maintenance and support through a suitably experienced third party like CDS.

Adding non-EMC services to the list of supported technologies could conceivably cost future hardware sales, but customers will appreciate the added flexibility, allowing them to build the storage infrastructure they need. It is worth noting though that simply having the option of public cloud expansion available is not the same as taking it, and loyal EMC customers may well choose to stick with onsite storage solutions.

The value and flexibility of cloud storage is a key selling point but continuing questions about multi-tenancy hosting and data sovereignty are forcing businesses to re-evaluate their use of such services. But the reality is that few customers will reject the offer of increased choice from EMC – even if they never exercise it.

For more help and advice on migrating data to the cloud, or supporting multi-vendor storage environments, please get in touch.

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