NetApp warns about the future of Cloud Storage Management

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Posted on Friday, November 6, 2015

Cloud adoption is widely seen as the future of enterprise computing, with organisations rapidly migrating applications and services to hosted alternatives. The cheap headline cost of cloud storage and along with flexible licensing have proven irresistible to many businesses keen to cut costs in the short term.

And despite recognising the potential of cloud services, NetApp Australia vice president Steve Manley has sounded a note of caution;

"My biggest frustration... is that the biggest problem [CIOs] are going to get hit in the face with is a massive data management problem, because it's the last thing they're looking at as they transition into the cloud," he said.

Manley notes that hosted software subscriptions are purchased independently of IT, making it much harder to fit them into the corporate IT strategy. More importantly still, disparate systems tend to use their own integrated storage provisions and support. This may improve the efficiency of the system, but it also goes against best practice by creating a series of silos. CIOs have tried for years to break down corporate data silos, and may find that uncontrolled adoption reverses their hard work.

NetApp have been working with leading cloud providers like Amazon and Microsoft to develop platforms that can span silos, but has found the process to be slow going. “It's not in everyone's interest to have those conversations,” notes Manley drily. Even with the large data storage providers on board, there are thousands of smaller SaaS providers who present potential problems.

The CIO now faces a major challenge, preventing uncontrolled cloud adoption without hindering productivity. Whether moving to the cloud is a certainty or not (NetApp’s Manley believes it is), CIOs need to seriously consider how they can go about building private cloud solutions, with support and maintenance, that provide similar benefits if they want to avoid the problem of siloed data. 

Because failing to address data silos at the time of adoption could prove exceedingly costly in the medium to long term, quickly cancelling out the promised savings of cloud services.

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