CDS Global Growth: new engineers, better service

CDS global growth with new engineers and better services

Posted on Thursday, November 26, 2015

2015 has been a year of record growth for Computer Data Source, as more and more customers take advantage of our vendor agnostic support and maintenance services. And to ensure we continue to deliver the same high standards of service and support they know and love, we have been steadily growing our team.

A 20% increase in headcount

Over the past twelve months, our global workforce has increased by 20%, with the vast majority in hands-on technical roles. Our team of experts come from similar roles at major OEMs including EMC and NetApp, drawn by the challenge of a working in a multi-vendor, multi-discipline environment.

Not only do these new employees relish the opportunity provided by CDS to break out of the pigeonholes of large vendors, but most have come through word of mouth recommendations from our existing employees.

A global trend

Although most of the new hires were made for our head office in New Jersey, a surge in demand for post-warranty support services has seen us expanding our global workforce. CDS APAC, based just outside Melbourne in Australia, has also needed to take on new employees to ensure a consistent level of service to customers across the Pacific region.

On the other side of the world, CDS UK has also taken on new engineers, again because of a sustained increase in demand from our global network of customers.

Preparing the next generation

CDS has also begun to invest in the next generation, taking on ten junior technicians, hand-picked from a local technical college. These trainees will undergo intensive training and work shadowing, preparing them for a more advanced technical role in future. Impressively, our first student has recently graduated from the program and assumed a role on our first line support team. 

Into 2016

Looking ahead, CDS predicts even greater interest from businesses looking to maximize the return on their storage hardware investments. Faced with the uncertainties of cloud adoption or rising renewal costs, many will instead choose to prolong the lifespan of existing assets – and CDS will be there to help.

And to ensure we can continue to deliver the same standards of service to our clients, we are always interested in hearing from suitably qualified and experienced engineers. If you think you have what it takes to manage a varied workload for some of the world’s largest corporates, please get in touch at +1 732 520 5624.

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