Overcoming the challenge of Data Center Redundancy

Building Data Center Redundancy

Posted on Thursday, October 8, 2015

Round-the-clock data availability is a crucial aspect of modern data center design – but it is also one of the most costly considerations. According to the Uptime Institute, a Tier I data center with 15,000 square feet of computer space would cost $10,000 per kW of usable UPS-backed power capacity. The cost goes up to $11,000 for a Tier II facility, but to $20,000 for Tier III and $22,000 for Tier IV.

Over-provisioning is clearly costly in terms of raw hardware purchases, but also in relation to the support and maintenance contract costs and the human resources required to keep live and backup systems running.

A viable redundancy alternative

Instead of purchasing all-new redundancy solutions, it is perfectly feasible to repurpose existing hardware assets to provide the required redundancy. This approach is particularly valuable for anything other than mission critical applications, where availability is more important than speed.

Assets that have been (or are due to be) retired for no other reason than they have been declared End of Service Life (EoSL) are prime candidates for use in a redundancy scenario. The fact that said systems continue to operate normally is evidence that they are more than adequate for reuse. Your business also has the option of purchasing off-lease hardware to provide lower-cost expansion if required, rather than purchasing all new units.

Backed by a third party support and maintenance agreement, there is no reason that your business could not build a solution using existing investments, or reduced cost off-lease equivalents, that fits neatly between Tier II and Tier III without any additional investment or infrastructure provisioning. Taking this approach allows you to deploy redundancy as when you choose, and frees up budget for expenditure on other mission-critical projects. Or to put towards Tier IV redundancy for the systems that really require it.

CDS can even manage the installation and provisioning off-lease equipment, before transferring anything not officially EoSL onto an OEM warranty and maintenance agreement. Our expert engineers ensure the whole process is as smooth and trouble-free as possible.

For more help and advice on how existing assets can be repurposed, or to learn about OEM-class third party post warranty support services, give the CDS team a call today on +1 866 237 8008

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