SAP joins the Spark Program & delivers even greater returns on Post Warranty Storage Hardware Investments

Spark Big Data

Posted on Monday, September 7, 2015

German software house SAP has become the latest big name to announce support for the Spark program, unveiling the HANA Vora package which is designed to open up access to objects stored in HANA databases. SAP joins other big names like Microsoft, IBM and Oracle in providing support for Spark, a low-cost Big Data processing framework. 

According to SAP, HANA Vora will assist with collating and processing sensor data which is expected to make up large amounts of future data sets. Spark allows businesses to sort and process disparate data sets quickly using inexpensive servers. Helping boost the return on investment, Spark allows organisations to gain additional value from their sensor data by helping define context from other, indirectly related data sets.

The ongoing value of the “old”

Using inexpensive servers, Spark allows organisations of almost any size to begin Big Data processing. Post warranty hardware can be pushed back into operation to provide the storage backbone for a Spark platform, reducing the total cost of ownership and the costs normally associated with building Big Data warehouses. Keeping datacenter and storage costs low will become increasingly important as businesses acquire more data from sensors, as predicted by SAP. 

The loose framework provided by Spark also means that businesses do not need to rely on Cloud platforms to provide storage and processing capabilities. By keeping the entire Big Data program in house, issues of data sovereignty and unrestricted usage costs can be avoided. 

In many ways, Spark reveals how older, post-warranty hardware is becoming more important for modern businesses who are facing the tricky challenge of balancing demand for increased capacity with finite IT budget. And with industry actively investigating how to leverage lower-power, lower-cost hardware to deliver strategic advantages using systems like Spark, businesses can be confident of realising even greater returns from their existing hardware investments.

For more help and advice on how to extend the operational usability of your post-warranty storage systems, please get in touch with the CDS team today.

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