3 Tips for Planning Effective Preventative Data Center Maintenance

Data Center Preventative Maintenance

Posted on Thursday, July 30, 2015

Regular preventative maintenance routines are an essential aspect of data center management, helping to identify and mitigate potential problems before they can result in outages. And with the average outage costing $700,000, anything you can do to improve uptime and system resilience is a strategic necessity.

When OEMs define maintenance schedules for their hardware, the importance of proactivity is undeniable.

1. Stick to the manufacturer’s schedule

Every item of datacenter hardware should have been supplied with guidance relating to maintenance routines. Carrying out these checks according to the specified schedule will ensure that equipment continues to operate to the manufacturer’s specification – even after the official warranty coverage period expires.

Maintenance and support experts suggest that for best results you should complete routines before the OEM defined deadline. So if a task needs to be completed every 30 days, you should aim to do it within 27 to provide a 10% buffer and maintain compliance levels in the process.

2. Keep detailed records

Building and completing a standard maintenance checklist allows any engineer to complete the necessary checks and record their observations. Using this standardized approach ensures that you have useful configuration and operation information immediately available in the event of a problem or outage. 

And if you ever need to escalate an issue to the OEM or a third party support provider, the background observations and metrics will help speed up the fault resolution process, reducing costs and downtime duration.

3. Outsource maintenance

Creating and managing a preventative maintenance routine may be essential, but it is also a drain on resources, diverting employees from other strategic tasks. For many businesses it may make better sense to outsource maintenance responsibilities to a third party who has the knowledge, experience and resources to manage your datacentre resources.

And if your business partners with Computer Data Source (CDS) you could benefit from real-time proactive monitoring for your storage systems. And as a vendor-agnostic, OEM-approved provider of post-warranty hardware, we can even extend the lifespan of your hardware to create greater return on investment.

Maintenance is an undeniably complex process, resulting in severe headaches for the DevOps team trying to keep everything up-and-running round the clock. But with third party providers like CDS, it doesn’t have to be your headache. 

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