Bringing SSD Features to Legacy Storage Systems

SSD SCSI-Flash CF drive | Legacy System

Posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Legacy disk systems are traditionally affected by a range of issues, from lack of OEM vendor support to scarcity of spare parts to compatibility problems with newer hardware. Which is why every now and then a new device is released that tries to marry modern storage technologies with old, as is the case with the new SCSI-Flash CF Drive from Solid State Disks.

The SCSI-Flash CF drive provides network connected backup capabilities for “legacy manufacturing hosts systems” like the HP1000 and HP 9000 series. Solid State Disks believe that the device offers significant savings through the faster data transfer rates over other legacy technologies like tape archives or EMC’s Data Domain products.

At first glance the SCSI-Flash CF unit has plenty of potential for legacy operators, but the practicalities are less clear-cut. Questions about compact flash card security or data encryption need to be addressed before the SCSI-Flash CF device could be put into service on the protection network for instance. And as yet these concerns remain unanswered.

For most businesses, the existing backup provisions are not only suitable for their current needs, but also for as long as the legacy system itself continues to function. So rather than replacing existing, working systems with a flash-based upgrade, the majority of organisations would probably benefit from a post-warranty support service that can protect both legacy system and associated backup drives. Especially for businesses who have invested heavily in backup hardware, software and licensing.

So although legacy tape backup libraries cannot hope to compete with flash-based disk alternatives, they have already been specified and configured to overcome the technical and compliance requirements of your industry. The SCSI-Flash CF device may have niche applications and benefits, but in reality, most businesses reliant on legacy systems would gain greater value from maintaining the existing backup provisions rather than replacing them.

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