What Would 100TB Drives Mean for your Business?

100 TB

Posted on Monday, December 8, 2014

Author: CDS

Fresh predictions from the Advanced Storage Technology Consortium (ASTC) suggest that based on current technology trends, 100TB hard drives will be available by 2025. This announcement comes just three months after a working 10TB example hard drive was demonstrated in September this year.

For enterprise, these exponential increases in storage capacity can only be good news. Operational and regulatory demands mean that the enterprise needs to store vast amounts of data, often pushing existing storage infrastructure far beyond capacity and shortening the usable lifespan of hardware.

Large capacity hard drives have the potential to help businesses gain a better return on storage hardware investment by prolonging hardware. In most cases storage systems continue to function well beyond the manufacturer’s stated warranty period – it is when they run out of available capacity that they actually need to be replaced.

Large drives will also be of interest to Cloud storage providers who routinely struggle to balance the cost of storage hardware with attractive pricing for consumers. New 10 and 100TB drives will help reduce the per terabyte purchase price of hardware, allowing for increased profit margins and/or reduced service costs for customers. 

For now though, businesses will need to manage storage using 3TB drives – the largest, widely available capacity. Technology continues to develop at a rapid pace though – could it be that the industry will see 100TB drives shipping before the 2025 estimate provided by ASTC? Stranger things have happened…

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