The CDS Lab

CDS maintain an in-house lab for testing data center products to destruction. Only by properly understanding the process by which hardware degrades and fails can we properly predict and plan for similar issues in our clients’ data centers.

CDS has performed this testing process on every item of hardware supported, so your business can be sure that we have the necessary skills and experience to support your data center fully.

Problem re-creation

Where we identify an intermittent issue, or a problem that could cause you service interruption, we can recreate your data storage conditions in our labs:

  • Leverage a wide assortment of compute, storage and communications equipment to recreate a client's environment to isolate the problem and bring a faster time to repair.
  • Can be used to perform root cause analysis.
  • Identify and isolate potential issues in the field before they become a problem based on service error trending.

Product Research & Development

CDS maintains a commitment to developing new tools and services that will help us to deliver a better service to our customers:

  • CDS's industry leading Raytrix ESS diagnostics suite has been developed and honed since its introduction in 2005 to help us better proactively monitor your systems.
  • Future software products are being developed and tested on current maintained hardware to ensure effectiveness and compatibility when they are deployed to our customers.

Product Training

Regular, in-depth training ensures that our engineers are kept abreast of the latest product developments, allowing them to continue delivering an exceptional service to our customers. However we also offer product training courses to:

  • Clients who want to provide their own in-house labour.
  • Trusted OEM multi-vendor service partners who help us deliver high quality on-site field service to customers, back lined to CDS for parts and technical expertise.

With international depots and engineers operating in 50+ countries, CDS has the spare parts you need – delivered in as little as 4 hours.

Service Spares Testing & Certification

All hardware replacements undertaken by CDS use only OEM-approved spares. Even more importantly, all spares are fully tested before they are sent on site.

  • CDS maintains a full range of spare parts that are tested and then placed into inventory prior to shipment.
  • CDS ensures spares are operating at expected performance and capable levels to prevent secondary downtime and outages.
  • CDS also maintains an extensive logistics network to ensure parts are delivered to your site quickly and efficiently – in as little as 4 hours if your service agreement calls for it.


"Since CDS took over maintenance we have not experienced any outages or intrusions – they have kept everything running in perfect order. This level of service coupled with a more than agreeable price has saved the US taxpayer a small fortune."

Charlie Tang, FAA (Contracting Officer)

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