The CDS Difference

Providers of multi-vendor support (MVS) for data storage solutions are not hard to come by. So how has CDS established itself as the number one provider of EMC MVS and maintenance services?

We call it “The CDS Difference” and it is built on three key principles; expertise, innovation and process.



Our service backbone is built on the knowledge and practical experience of 20+ Level 3 certified and former OEM trained engineers, each of whom has a minimum of 15 years’ experience. These technical team members have worked with CDS for 12 years on average, so they understand how CDS, OEMs and customers work. Low staff turnover helps us build extremely strong relationships with our customers. Our technical staff is supported by a management team that has over 30 years industry experience.

Ultimately our storage expertise is unrivalled. CDS has become the go-to-partner for today’s top OEMs supporting their multi-vendor services businesses in today’s FT100 companies. We provide a comprehensive suite of services, from hands-on product training to on-site service repair, available to partners and clients worldwide thanks to our collaborative support model.



To ensure that our services keep pace with evolutions in client needs, CDS has established an in-house development lab to build and maintain our unique software diagnostics and support tool (Raytrix ESS™). Raytrix ESS plays a key role in allowing us to deliver OEM-class services and reduce costs without breaching OEM IP or licensing.

CDS also maintain an in-house lab for hardware problem recreation and resolution, and for testing and certifying every spare part we hold in stock. Using these facilities we test every item of supported hardware for flaws and defects and to identify failure trends. 

These observations then allow us to better plan for preventative maintenance and component replacement for our customers.

Finally CDS works hard to develop proactive maintenance and repair capabilities that offer greater insight and benefits than equivalent OEMs products. Again, Raytrix ESS is a stellar example of where our tools outperform vendor-supplied alternatives.



To ensure that no detail is overlooked and no call goes unresolved, CDS operate a formal tracking process for all service related calls. In doing so CDS engineers are better equipped to meet and exceed contracted service SLAs. The tracking process forms part of a proven escalation process that guarantees each issue is allocated the resources required for timely resolution. 

To meet the various support needs of our clients, CDS use globally deliverable, flexible service plans that offer a range of SLAs to meet needs and budgets. SLAs can be applied down to specific items of hardware so that mission-critical assets are prioritized over secondary systems for instance, helping to keep MVS support contract costs down.

Our global support provision is backed by over 250 regional hardware depots, allowing us to deliver spares wherever and whenever required. We also operate a customised logistics network that can deliver every spare you need, from 4 hours to next business day according to your contracted SLAs.

Spare part depots are stocked using predictive routines based on product expertise, knowledge base and the observation of hardware failure rates in our testing lab. These insights also allow us to implement predictive and known problem avoidance, taking action before it occurs, to keep your systems online at all times.

These three key commitments have helped CDS establish itself as the leading provider of global MVS maintenance and repair providers across the world.

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