Our Evolution

The story of CDS from 1990 until the present day, in their journey to global multi-vendor data center support provider.


Asset Recovery Center

In 1990, Ron Wollner and Joe Massaro teamed up to form a different kind of eco friendly consignment shop "Asset Recovery Center" to equip large and small businesses in the area.  Their aim was to assist businesses in the remarketing of surplus and unneeded equipment and offering it at a discounted rate to other businesses. This was serviceable equipment that for one reason or another ended up in a large corporation's surplus, but is still very valuable to the rest of the business community, paying 20 percent or less of the retail price.

Ron and Joe operated Computer Data Source in Oakhurst, which assisted businesses in high-end computer maintenance solutions and the two companies complemented each other with computer maintenance and parts distribution.

Early 1990s

The start of the service business

Not only a new business direction, but a new facility as well! The Oakhurst, NJ facility would serve CDS well for the next sixteen years. Pressure from customers moved CDS into the maintenance service business. Starting with the support of Pyramid ® and Sequent ®, CDS rapidly grew the portfolio to add services on Tandem ®, DEC ®, NCR ®, HP ®, Sun ®, Compaq ®, Dell ® and IBM ®.

Obviously with the growth of the product lines, the facility would need to grow as well. In the later part of the 90’s CDS more than doubled the size of the Oakhurst facility, and added a data center to further enhance the service capabilities.


Recognized by the US Government

With 60,000 nominees, Federal investigation and scrutiny of business practices, financials, employees, and anything else you can think of, CDS is invited to the White House to receive the prestigious award of Prime Contractor of the Year. 


CDS expands to Canada

In 2004 CDS expands its operation into Canada. The Canadian team is led by Tom Vaisanen, a seasoned IT professional and business leader. Under Tom’s leadership and top industry professionals, the Canadian business flourishes into a leading provider of multi-vendor services. CDS provides multi-vendor services for Canada’s top businesses and Tier 1 OEM vendors. Clients range from communications, the majority of Canada’s top banks, pharamaceuticals and service organizations.


CDS launches Raytrix ESS™

As a product innovator, CDS launches its Raytrix ESS diagnostic suite. This tool set enables CDS to take advantage of advanced capabilities with sophisticated storage products and be in a position to maintain high end storage product as efficiently as an OEM.


New corporate headquarters opened

Several New Jersey facilities were consolidated into one 60,000sq/ft. facility in the heart of Eatontown's business district. Ongoing renovations resulted in a custom designed facility with labs, data center, warehousing and corporate offices.

May 2009

Computer Data Source Europe Limited established (UK & EMEA)

In early 2009, building on the market demand, CDS opens operation in UK to serve both the local market and the EMEA region. CDS continues to attract high caliber talent and under the leadership of Tom Vaisanen, CDS has attracted Iain Burton to assume as VP and General Manager to drive growth. Under Iain’s leadership, CDS UK & EMEA has grown substantially and has earned an excellent reputation and confidence of both end user clients and OEM partners alike.


New global operations facility

In 2010, CDS opened a global state-of-the-art 24x7 operations facility in the Eatontown, NJ head office. The new facility demonstrates the company's continued growth and success, as well as its commitment to best-in-class customer service.  The primary focus of the center has been to provide a single point of contact for customers enabling us to accurately track each call from inception to resolution allowing us to meet and even exceed our service level obligations.


Expanded corporate headquarters and green initiatives

In February 2011, our head office was renovated into an eco-friendly 70,000 square foot state-of-the art facility in Eatontown, NJ.  With this renovation we installed 1,458 solar panels producing over 335 kwatts of power that will provide predictable energy costs for the next 25 years, and beyond.

Along with the solar panels, we added a white thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) single-ply roofing membrane to the roof to continue to provide exceptional resistance to ultraviolet, ozone and chemical exposure to our facility and the environment.  This TPO installation is an off-grid system, ground mount solar panel system that will track the sun across the sky and assist our solar panels.

Jan 2013

Computer Data Source Deutschland GmbH established (Germany, Austria & Switzerland)

With the increasing demand to provide high quality reliable multi-vendor service, CDS expands its operation to the DACH region. Under the guidance of Tom Vaisanen, CDS has recognized internal talent and promoted Matt Bajla to the role of VP & General Manager for DACH.  Matt has been charged with growing CDS’s presence within DACH by leveraging established end-user client relationship along with worldwide success with OEM partners to grow and support their multi-vendor businesses.


CDS opens APAC

As a global provider of multi-vendor services, CDS launches is APAC presence by opening its new location in Australia  to serve the Asia Pacific, Australia region. This opening continues CDS'scommitment to provide unparalleled service throughout the world. Once again, Tom Vasianen has attracted the best talent. With the appointment of John Moshovelis, a 30 year IBM veteran to the position of VP & General Manager, CDS has quickly become a driving force within APAC. CDS has partnered with tier 1 OEM vendors in support of their multi-vendor practice and attached notable end-user clients through the region.

Also in 2013, CDS becomes the only alternative service provider to support EMC Symmetrix ® products , with an RSA Token installed, leveraging its RAYTRIX suite.


CDS broadens its product capabilities

CDS extends its product services to include EMC's VMAX ®, VNX ® and Data Domain ® product lines.


CDS enhances Raytrix ESS and broadens product support

CDS enhances Raytrix ESS with additional security functions and is accepted by some of the worlds largest financial institutions for remote access and call-home/heartbeat alerts.

CDS broadens product support by adding support for EMC VNX2 and Centerra.


EMC Symmetrix EoSL

CDS began a campaign in early 2017 warning customers of pending EOSL for EMC VMAX in September 2017. Campaign was a success and brought peace of mind to customers who otherwise may have gone without the security of a maintenance contract.


CDS Launches Dell EMC VMAX3 Support for 100K/200K & 400K Arrays

As a product innovator, CDS launches Dell EMC VMAX3 Support utilizing the Raytrix™ diagnostic suite. This tool set, in use for almost 15 years, enables CDS to support today's sophisticated storage products like the VMAX 100K, 200K and 400K Disk Arrays from Dell EMC.


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