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Please elaborate on your client service desk capabilities?

CDS operates a mission critical 7x24 operations center from our Eatontown, NJ headquarters. The primary focus of the center is to provide a single point of contact for customers enabling us to accurately track each call from inception to resolution allowing us to meet and even exceed our service level obligations.

What is your call management process?

The Global Operations Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via a toll free 800-phone number in North America or a dedicated international direct number for any EMEA & APAC customers.

CDS offers a fully integrated call management system that brings together all of the components of service delivery and allows our clients to communicate with us via phone, e-mail and chat support.

CDS Help Desk Services give our customers critical support for field engineering technicians through our technical assistance centers covering a 7x24 window.

Our Help Desk and Support personnel have all of your information at their fingertips to review history at a serial number level, spare parts location, plus everything else needed to provide an efficient, high-quality service.

How do you provide Remote Diagnostics?

CDS's remote diagnostics tools provide immediate diagnosis of remotely connected products, executing testing routines automatically and engaging technical support. Upon taking a customer call, the Global Dispatch coordinator captures all mandatory data, identifies the calling location and alerts the responsible local engineer. In parallel with this process, CDS offers customers an opportunity to connect to the remote diagnostic center and to identify the condition.

As a key element of CDS’s total quality commitment to service delivery, we place a great emphasis on anticipating and managing problems. As is commonly recognized, IT is vulnerable to diverse problems emanating from a wide variety of sources.

Describe you escalation policies?

All CDS services include full technical and management escalation criteria and procedures. These are as simple and direct as possible to ensure effective and pre-emptive problem resolution. Polices are designed to prevent or minimize disruption to your operations by the early application of resources to overcome intermittent or protracted problems.

It is CDS’s policy to keep the customer fully informed of the status, progress, and milestones in the resolution of any major problem.  We believe that customer confidence in service delivery can only be retained if there is a full understanding of the actions that are taking place and resolution timescales.

The objective of our escalation processes is to ensure all service activity is managed and completed within SLA mandated timeframes and to the complete satisfaction of the customer/partner.

Describe your communication policy?

Our communications policy is designed to keep our customers and partners fully informed of the status, progress and milestones in the resolution of any major problem.

All CDS services include full technical and management escalation criteria and procedures. These are as simple and direct as possible to ensure effective and pre-emptive problem management. They are designed to address disruptions to customers’ operations by the early application of CDS’s technical and service delivery resources.

Escalation criteria and procedures are mutually defined to meet your needs. CDS and customer senior management are involved as required to adopt or modify standard procedures. All customers receive contact details for CDS personnel including technical directors and executive management, and are encouraged to invoke escalation at any level. Outside of normal business hours, escalation can be invoked at any time by calling the toll free hotline and requesting the call be escalated.

Please can you provide details on how you support your current customer base with software maintenance and support?

CDS can provide its customers with “help desk” level software support.  CDS does not provide updates but will assist in the identification, installation and compatibility-assessment of said updates. Software patches will need to be obtained by the customer from the vendor directly.

What is your approach and expertise on hardware maintenance and support?

CDS can provide comprehensive support which may include (but is not restricted to)

  • Remote monitoring and preventive maintenance
  • Call Home alert notifications
  • Systems and device diagnostics (including problem recreation capabilities in our extensive test labs located at our NJ headquarters)
  • Parts and parts logistics
  • OEM trained and certified field technicians

What is your inventory management process?

Our inventory management process is supported by an industry-leading platform and is able to track any part movements, part consumption and stocking levels in any customer location. The stocking levels are regularly reviewed by a CDS logistics specialist who is able to determine the most effective stocking to ensure SLA targets continue to be met.

Warehousing Model: CDS ensures that all system critical components defined by our SME's (subject matter experts) are available in an on-site or near-site strategic location. All other components are re-stocked and delivered from our main logistics hubs.

CDS SME's define the strategic sparing kit according to our historical data and experience to ensure that the agreed SLA of the delivery is met. At the same time the stocking level is determined based on the total count of supported systems of the same type that are under maintenance with CDS.

Geography: Our stocking strategy in regards to geography is fully dependent on customer’s requirements and on the SLAs that need to be achieved. If necessary, CDS can utilize its logistics network to open new stocking locations.

  • Best-Practices ensure spares are available to meet contracted SLAs
  • Having the technical skills to diagnose the problem quickly is only half of the resolution
  • Maintaining certified quality spares in the right location ensures that we will always maximize your availability

Our spare parts philosophy will match the service level requirements of even having spares onsite if needed.

  • Complete Supply Chain Management ensures spares get to where they need to be, when they need to be
  • Parts kits are supplied based on site audits to ensure compatibility
  • CDS tests and certifies all replacement parts before they are shipped to client sites
  • Critical replacement parts are available at local CDS depots with on-site capabilities
  • Non-critical spares are stored at regional depots ready for immediate dispatch as and when required

What is your process/procedure for the decommission of assets and removal from a maintenance agreement?

CDS assist customers with “asset recovery” which can include “DOD level disk erasure” OR disk destruction based on your requirements. Certification of Erasure or Destruction is provided as part of this service.

What are the standard architecture and support tools used when providing 3rd party IT maintenance services and post warranty support?

CDS provides support for industry leading OEM hardware including (but not limited to) servers, disk storage, tape storage and networking equipment. CDS has developed customized solutions and diagnostic tools (Raytrix ESS™) and maintains extensive knowledge bases to assist in providing a superior service.

What Service Level Agreements are available?

CDS provides customized SLAs based on the specific needs of our customers. This flexibility allows our customers to tailor their support agreements to fit their service level needs and budget.

CDS offers four levels of service that can be fully tailored to match your requirements:

  1. Basic >
  2. Enhanced >
  3. Premium >
  4. Personalized >

How will you measure quality assurance for parts going into your logistics system?

All parts are tested before they leave our main distribution centers, and we only ever supply OEM-approved spares. CDS constantly monitors our DOA events and have some of the lowest DOA rates in the industry due to our strict testing schedules.

Does your company provide root cause analysis?

Yes, CDS will leverage our lab to re-create specific problems and determine the root cause. We then document the information within our knowledgebase in order to reduce the mean time to repair for future events.

How are DOAs tracked?

DOAs are tracked through our inventory tracking system.  This can identify potential issues before they propagate to other storage location or supply chain issues.

Do you have the ability to run IOS diagnostics remotely?

CDS has the ability to remotely run IOS diagnostics provided the equipment supports remote call home features. CDS can leverage our propriety toolset (Raytrix ESS ™) to diagnose problems and make changes where applicable, often mitigating failures before they occur.

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