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Many businesses never properly consider the benefits of third party data center support and maintenance services because of fear and uncertainty spread by protectionist OEMs. However, the reality is that there are significant benefits which your existing provider probably doesn’t want you to know about.

Here are the top seven reasons your organization should consider third party data center support services.


Lower support and maintenance costs

Without the overheads imposed by OEMs, CDS customers realize average savings of 40 per cent on their support and maintenance costs. For some the reductions may be as high as 70 per cent.

Consolidating contracts across devices and vendors allows for significant cost reductions, and greatly simplifies the account management process too.


Greater control of your environment

OEMs tend to have very rigid guidelines about how to use your hardware – after all, their business model is built on selling you new hardware periodically. So as long as you operate within these frameworks, your OEM partner will be happy to help.

But the need for increasingly agile systems means that your business may need to extend beyond the boundaries imposed. Or to stick with trusted, reliable hardware even after it has passed official EoSL because it continues to meet your business needs.

Only a third party who is not bound by the OEM’s guidelines will be able to assist with these unsanctioned data center deployments.


Greater flexibility

With greater control comes improved flexibility, allowing you to do more with your storage hardware. You can deploy and redeploy systems in any configuration to deliver the benefits and advantages you need.

You are also free to continue using post-warranty hardware as part of your operating environment, giving you additional processing and storage capacity at no extra capital cost, and with the benefit of significantly lower maintenance costs too. You deploy a private cloud infrastructure in-house using any combination of data center hardware , freeing up cash for reinvestment in other strategic IT projects


Improved ROI

Choosing third party data center support and maintenance allows you to extend the lifespan of hardware beyond the OEM-defined end of service life limit. The longer you can use your hardware, the greater your return on investment.

Which means that you can better manage IT spend and escape expensive OEM upgrade cycles. Permanently.


Lower TCO

The longer you use hardware, the lower the total cost of ownership. But because third party maintenance services are less costly than their OEM equivalent, your operating costs fall even further.

And the lower your ownership costs, the more cash your IT team will free up for investment in other strategic projects.


In-house legacy hardware replacement program

Although third party maintenance services can extend the lifespan of your hardware, performance may fall below the levels required. However, rather than dumping it, these units can be used to replace legacy systems as part of a cascading strategy.

By assessing each asset you can push older storage hardware back into action, replacing ageing tape archives for instance. This cascading upgrade program allows you to retire the oldest systems boosting  performance and availability of data for little or no additional investment. All backed by OEM-class maintenance services from your third party provider.


Freedom from vendor lock-in

If your business is allied to a single OEM, your future storage strategy will also be defined by them. A third party data center support provider works with you to define your own storage strategy, allowing you to select the systems and components that best suit the operational demands of your business.

Partnering with a third party finally allows you to build the best-of-breed platforms and systems your business needs to meet its wider strategic goals.

The benefits of third party data center support and maintenance are undeniable – which is why your current OEM partner doesn’t want you to hear about them.

Discover more about third party support for your equipment – in or out of warranty – by getting in touch with our data center experts today.

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